To put it simply, there is no better place to bring your import automobile!

Reviews on Dupage Auto Werks

Douglas P. ~ West Chicago, IL

We've used DuPage Auto Werks for over 15 years and have been satisfied with their quality service ever since. My family has had several cars serviced by DuPage Auto Werks and have purchased multiple vehicles from them. Over the years Dwayne and his team have been honest, trustworthy and dependable and we always recommend them to family and friends. They are a great team and we will continue to use them for years to come.

Matt G. ~ Wakefield, IL

DuPage Auto Werks is wonderful and fair. With some mechanics you feel like you might get taken advantage of, but not with them. We've had them work on all kinds of things, and just yesterday we had them check a crack in the engine block. They were very persistent, and they just kept checking things to make sure everything was working properly. They have done an excellent job on our Beetle and our Jeep. With any problems we've had, they've been very good about helping us out.

Tim M. ~ West Chicago, IL

We've been with DuPage Auto Werks Ltd. for quite a while, for at least 18 years! We used to take our German-made car there. Even though we no longer have a German car, we still go there. DuPage Auto Werks Ltd. specializes in German and Japanese vehicles. We take our Buick there, even though they specialize in foreign cars. I trust them. My son takes his truck there. We've had a relationship built up over the years with DuPage Auto Werks Ltd. We trust them implicitly. I think they're fair. They know you and get to know you. A really good example of this is when my wife needed tires for her car, and we didn't have the money. Dwayne at DuPage Auto Werks said, "I'm going to put the tires on, and you pay me when you can." There's a trust between them and my family.

Don E. ~ West Chicago, IL

I've been a customer of DuPage Auto Werks for over a couple of years now. I'm really happy with the service they provide. I like Dwayne a lot, he's a really good guy. He's trustworthy and communicates well with me. I appreciate that they are always available to me and do a very good job on my car. I have recommended their services.

Daniel F. ~ West Chicago, IL

I go to DuPage Auto Werks Ltd. for quality service, and I have used them for seven years. My son-in-law once owned an automotive shop, and when he sold his business he personally recommended DuPage. They are on top of their craft and know what they are doing. I own a 25 year-old Vanagon camper, which is not a piece of cake to work on, but they always seem up for the challenge. The people at DuPage are very nice and look out for you. They are proactive, and try to keep you from having a possible problem. If they see something wrong while working on your vehicle, they will call to address the issue and ask if you want them to fix it. Some people might but turned off by this and think they are just trying to make a sale, but I believe in their integrity. I would have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Dupage to potential customers. They even have a car to take for your own convenience while you are having work done, which is a nice little feature.

Chander B. ~ Oak Park, IL

I have been going to Dupage Auto Werks since 1981. I live in Oak Park, and I still drive all the way to West Chicago because they are the best. I always get to talk with the mechanic who does the work on my vehicle. They put a high premium on doing the work right the first time and stand behind the work. If they do make mistakes they are honest mistakes, and they will fix it. The entire staff reflect the values of the owner Dwayne Shilling. I don't think you can find better qualified or more honest people who stand behind their work. There is not a better auto mechanic in Chicagoland. I have a friend who lives in Madison who took their car to a BMW dealership, and the dealer gave a huge estimate for a problem. I took it to Dwayne for a second opinion and he told us that it was just a simple repair, fixed it, and there was no problem. Dwayne really looks at the real problem in a scientific and systematic way and then provides low cost solutions. I know that they even have customers from Wisconsin. Dupage Auto Werks is like having a good doctor; it is a relationship based on trust.

Andrew B. ~ West Chicago, IL

I have used DuPage Auto Werks to service all of my vehicles. They are extremely trustworthy. They have the interest of their customers in mind. It's just a high integrity shop. They're very honest and very fair. I've been going to them a long time, maybe ten-plus years. They are very experienced and very, very trustworthy.

Brian J. ~ Warrenville, IL

I needed a new clutch for my old 3-series and they were extremely helpful. The job was done on time and extremely tidy. Additionally, they are the ONLY shop I've found outside he Dealer that properly torqued the lug nuts! Many places crank on them way too hard, not DuPage Auto Werks.

Todd T. ~ Chicago, IL

I've used them for probably 16 years. They've been very dependable and very helpful. They have great service. I've even purchased some automobiles from them, and I've been very happy with all of it.

Daniel S. ~ Winfield, IL

DuPage Auto Werks Ltd. is excellent, and is beyond anything I've ever received anywhere else. They go above and beyond all of my expectations. I highly recommend Dwayne. He is an excellent person and man. I've always gotten the highest quality service, for all the times that I've been there over 5 years. His staff is great too. When Dwayne and his son Kevin aren't there, Rich takes over. He is well-trained and gives great service. Through their expertise I know I will have my car for another five years.

Don V. ~ West Dundee, IL

I've had DuPage Auto Werks work on a few different cars for me over the past ten years. From foreign to american, they've worked on them all for me. Everything has turned out really good so far. They are friendly, easy to talk to and always willing to work with me. They offer really reasonable prices, maybe not the cheapest prices out there, but very reasonable. I think that they always do a good job in a good time frame and I appreciate that they'll give me a loner car if I need it. This is a great shop!

Tom F. ~ Bartlett, IL

I had been taking my BMW to a BMW dealership. On a recommendation, I started taking my vehicle to DuPage, and I've really gotten better service, at less cost, with all my vehicles. It's just been a terrific experience!

Frank B. ~ West Chicago, IL

I have been going to DuPage Auto Werks for about 4 or 5 years. They are just a great company. They have a lot of experience and they really know what they are doing. They have been able to figure out pretty much every issue I have had with my vehicle.

Ron L. ~ Winfield, IL

I have been dealing with Dupage Auto Werks for at least 40 years. They have given me excellent service. Anytime I take the car in, everything is explained. They always call in and check before any major repairs. The cost is clearly stated. In the earlier stages of using them I had two cars, but right now I only have one. If there are repairs, Dupage Auto always has a loaner car for me to take, whether for just the day or several days for a major repair. They do excellent repairs; usually there is no problem. If there is a problem they will take care of it as soon as possible. Dupage Auto is a very reputable service outfit. When I went in for a 60,000 mile maintenance I told the mechanic about a problem I was having. He test drove it and let me know that he thought it was a transmission problem. However, he told me that since I had the extended warranty that I should go to a Subaru dealership. He had correctly pinpointed the major issue with the car. It is an excellent and reputable auto works shop. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Lee J. ~ Wheaton, IL

I have been going to Dwayne at Dupage Auto Werks for years and year. I originally had two Volkswagens which he maintained, and now he does both my current cars. Taking my Buick to him is better than taking it to the dealer. He finds solutions for issues that are not as costly as I am told by other mechanics and dealers. He is creative so that we can fix our cars while keeping our budget in mind. I'm also usually able to get in pretty quickly. Yesterday I took a car there that was having some problems with the lights, didn't have an appointment, and was seen right away. He told me that it was probably going to cost about $100 but got into the area, found an alternative solutions, and it ended up costing me $26. I was able to pick it up that same afternoon. Usually when Dupage Auto Werks fixes something, everything works well. This is important because I drive used cars, so I need a good repair person. One time we needed to take the belts out, and while they were doing it a bracket got bent. Dwayne told me it was their fault, so the 4 or 5 hundred dollar part to replace it was all on him.

Andy B. ~ West Chicago, IL

I have been going to Dupage Auto Werks for nine or ten years. It is an excellent shop with talented mechanics. One of the things that I love about Dupage is that they are extremely trustworthy and they have my best interests in mind. They actually diagnose, troubleshoot and repair. They are not just part-swappers. Unless you can get your work done for free under warranty, the place to bring your car is Dupage.